What is Devialt ?

Devialt ; which initially started entirely with web technologies, develops web software and produces solutions, has dedicated itself to growing in the multimedia sector after adding innovative and creative teammates to itself.

Currently, in addition to web software, it provides softwaregraphic design, animation and translation services to more than 10 countries, and defines itself as a multimedia company rather than a software company.

Its next goal is to provide PHPScript service to the whole world globally. And it has started working on this new product.

How was it founded ?

Devialt has been start since December, the last month of 2019.


Our team
Some of the people you'll be working with
We're a 100% remote team spread all across the world. Join us!
Özgür Altıntop
Galina Yeşko
Front-end Developer
Yılmaz Atalay
Ali Yavaşcan
Kubilay Altıntop
Merve Sardoğan
Intern Developer
Yasemin Şahan
Intern Developer